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A Home Study Continuing Education Course for
Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors

Book CoverMindfulness and Psychotherapy

Christopher Germer, Ph.D., Ronald Siegal, Psy.D., and Paul Fulton, Ed.D., (Eds.) 2005. 333 Pages

11 Hours CE Credits

85 Questions: True/False and Multiple Choice

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Written by clinicians for clinicians, the material in this course teaches how to integrate Mindfulness into the daily practice of psychotherapy in order to enhance therapists' personal therapeutic qualities and to augment the range and effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. This comprehensive course includes the history, meaning, and processes of Mindfulness, and presents case examples of how being aware and accepting of present experiences serve to create emotional balance and alleviate suffering.

Learning Objectives:

Course Outline:

  1. The Meaning of Mindfulness

  2. What is Mindfulness and What Does it Matter?

  3. Buddhist and Western Psychology

  4. The Therapy Relationship

  5. Mindfulness as Clinical Training

  6. Cultivating Attention and Empathy

  7. Relational Psychotherapy; Relational Mindfulness

  8. Clinical Applications

  9. Teaching Mindfulness in Therapy

  10. Depression: Turning Toward Life

  11. Anxiety Disorders: Befriending Fear

  12. Psychosociological Disorders: Embracing Pain

  13. Working with Children: Beginner's Mind

  14. Mindfulness Research

  15. Past and Promise

  16. The Roots of Mindfulness

  17. Positive Psychology: Awakening to the Fullness of Life

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